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Prywes Remodeling Job Info...

With the opening picture, starting out as rough pieces of maple plywood being put together at our architectural woodworking shop. Resulting in a beautiful piece of maple wood built in entertainment wall unit. Its features include adjustable shelves at each side of the unit. Bottom sides of the unit include maple cabinetry with adjustable shelves and double, double hung doors for storage. The grand center piece holds a flat screen TV. with a beautiful working fireplace underneath.

During the remodeling at the Prywes residence, we have opened up the wall dividing the kitchen and living room. Making way for a custom build Island with underneath maple cabinetry and a beautiful granite countertop. Plenty of storage space in the cabinetry below with four doors and four adjustable shelves beneath.

Finishing up the kitchen area, we made our way into to the bedroom to make a custom built closet with a six panel bi-fold door. Inside the closet is dividing panel to make room for his and hers side of the closet. The closet interior also features polished chrome hanging rods.

We make our way into the balcony area. Starting out with just an raw opening, we frame the opening with 2x6 raw lumber building material dividing it into four equal spaces to fit the windows. After installing the windows we encase the rough wood with custom built maple sleeves that wrap around the framing. Resulting in a beautiful maple wood frame.

Now that, that's done we work our way into the bathroom to install subway style tiles all around the bathroom walls. Take notice how the tiles have a waterfall effect where the tiles meet in the corners! Being the tiles go four feet high, we build a custom ledge to divide the tiles from the painted wall. After installing the bathroom fixtures complete with towel bars and toilet paper dispenser etc. This bathroom has the classic look with a modern feel, don't you just want one?  Just get in touch with us.. We'll be more then happy to provide you with a Estimate.


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